Do You Need Help with First Adult British Passport?

Our UK passpor agents can help you
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If you need any help in getting you first British passport then you can consult our British passport team and they will resolve any queries that you have and our services are also hassle free and our customers do not have to go through any stress while doing all their passport processing with our team that is based in United Kingdom.

So are you someone who do not have a passport and you are applying for one. The first British passport will be applied by those people who are British national and at the age of 16 years or higher. You can also apply for a British passport if you have a passport that has been issued to you before 1 January 1994.

If suppose currently you are using your passport that is a child passport. You can continue using that passport till it expires even if you are above the age of 18 years. The adult passport will be valid for 10 years.

Also you will receive your passport within a period of 10 weeks time. The time will start from when your documents and any other identity documents are received by the passport department.

If you need a passport on urgent basis which means you can’t wait for the normal processing time of passport arrival then you we can support you in that case too.

This is to advice you in advance that you should not book your flight ticket or hotel booking until and unless you will receive your passport.

Also note that if you have a dual citizenship and you are currently holding a non British passport then in that case the name and the gender that is mentioned in your non British passport should match the name and the gender when we apply for your British passport.

If you want a different name and gender in a British passport then you have to first change the name and address that is mentioned in your non British passport.

We will support you in any case and you don’t have to go through any hassle as we will go through the complete processing of your British passport on your behalf. Everything will be discussed with you well in advance before taking your case.