First British Passport for Child

Do you need help with your first British passport?
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So if your child does not have a British passport you can apply for a British passport by taking our passport services. We are passport agent based in UK and providing our services consistently and to the mark of our customers so that they will be delighted and that is our purpose.

To be eligible to apply for a British passport your child should have a nationality of this country. We will apply for passport of your child by taking certain documents, fees as applicable and child photo.

So once you have done the payment and completed the application process there is someone who is required to confirm your child’s identity. Please note that the person who is confirming your child’s identity has to be eligible as per the government guidelines.

The person can confirm the identity of your child only if their age is 18 or above, living in UK and have a UK passport, know you for at least 2 years as a neighbour or friend or as a colleague and not just knowing you as professionally. Also that person is someone who is either in profession or retired from a profession that is prescribed in government guidelines.

There are certain formalities that need to done to get the first British passport for your child and we will do all those formalities in an easiest way so that you will not have to face any difficulties in the process.

There are certain rules for documents as well. Photocopies and laminated documents are not accepted by the authority. The documents need to be in English or Welsh language otherwise you need to translate that into English or Welsh language and certified the document and have to send both the certified copy and the original copy.

After all the formalities and completion of the process the passport of your child will be delivered to you either by normal delivery or by secure delivery. You need to pay some extra amount in case of secure delivery option.

We will provide all the support throughout the process so that you will not be disturbed.